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The Club has put some of its members' talents to good use in producing DVDs for sale.  Mainly, these have come out of AV shows that have been produced for our Annual Exhibitions, although some are made specifically for sale.  They all reflect the interests of our members.  We currently have four DVD presentations and these are listed below.

Charnwood DVD 


This DVD production is a continuous showing of our Audio-Visual shows from our 2017 and 2018 Exhibitions.

It invites viewers to join Sileby Photographic Society on a journey through the lovely countryside and settlements of Charnwood in images captured by our members.  You will conducted through our beautiful local area with much tradition and history, stunning landscapes and abundant flora and fauna.

Sileby, People and Places

With pictures spanning three centuries, this collection depicts the people of Sileby and shows how the village has changed over the past 130 years or so.  As such, it could be considered as a sequel to Sileby, Then and Now.  Those who saw the original show were intrigued by the way in which Sileby has changed over the years and were keen to see more.  The original show inspired long-time resident Lionel Blower to seek out old photographs of Sileby and its people and to put together this collection and research the background.

Lionel says of the process: “following the production and sale of 'Sileby, Then and Now' a number of residents of the village came forward with further unique prints and slides of people and places.  To all who have helped I am extremely grateful.  It has been a pleasurable task in compiling this collection and interesting to see the changes that have taken place.  I hope that you find this DVD entertaining and ‘If you are not in it, you will know someone who is’.

Sileby, People and Places DVD Cover
The Great Central Railway Story So Far DVD Cover

The Great Central Railway:
The Story So Far

Produced in 2011, this is an extended version of our 2007 Exhibition AV in which we look at the history of the Great Central Railway.  It is a history in still photographs of the Great Central Railway from its building in the 1890s through the founding of the Main Line Preservation Group and the Main Line Steam Trust to the development of the present-day operation of the railway. The Great Central Railway has been voted number 12 in a list of the 50 great railway journeys of the world.

Sileby, Then and Now

Following feedback from visitors to our 2009 Annual Exhibition, we produced a DVD version of the AV from that year.  It looks at modern Sileby and compares it with pictures taken as far back as the end of the 19th century.

Sileby, Then and Now DVD Cover

To purchase any DVD, please send us an email directly or through our Contact Us page.