Sileby Photographic Society

Knockout Competition

Instructions for Entry - Sepcial Edition for 2021

The knockout competition is run in digital form only. The logistics of mounting this competition are complex; we use some specially-written software along with two computers. To enable the evening to go as efficiently as possible, entrants must follow the rules laid out below. Failure to do so could result in entries being rejected.

In order to maintain anonymity, you will be given a two-digit identification number, which will be used in the manner detailed below. It should arrive by email at least two weeks before the date of the competition. If you do not receive the email, please contact the Competition Secretary. The mapping of this number to your identity will be known only to the software that looks after the scores.

The preferred method of submission is by email attachment to the Competition Secretary, whose email address will be provided in the invitation email referred to above.  Send your 18 entries or put them on your favourite file-sharing service and emial just the link provided by that service.  Submission on either a CD or on a USB “thumb drive” is not possible this year.  In all cases submission must be completed by the published closing date, typically two weeks before the date of the competition.

For email submissions, please title your email with your identification number followed by a space followed by your name. Separate image files or a zip file with all 18 images inside are equally acceptable. An example is:

14 John Smith

Each entrant is to submit 18 images, not exceeding 1280 pixels wide and 1024 pixels high. Assign names to each of your 18 images formed by adding its sequence number in the range 01 to 18 (do please include the “0” on the first nine titles), followed by your own two-digit identification number and then the name of the image, with each part separated by a space. An example of one of John Smith’s images is:

06 14 Waiting for the Tide

If you're wondering why this is so prescriptive, the numbering ensures that images are shown in random order in each round.

Have your entry available on the date given in the programme.